Underwater Dinner @ Koral

Pricey by Indonesian standards, but super tasty and a classy way to celebrate a special occasion. Bookings essential.

Beef Curry @ Gyorantei


Having had lots of Japanese curry, it’s no surprise that the best one I’ve ever had is in its spiritual hometown. The restaurant has downsized from its former glory days, but at least they’re still cooking. It’s about an hour by train from Tokyo, though it’s well worth it.

Second favorite would have to be the mango curry from the now-closed Mr. Curry. Had their curry pilaf long time ago.

Kitsune Soba @ Kanda Matsuya

Not the most comfortable dining atmosphere, but the soba (and yakitori) is well worth it. They’re near Akihabara.

18-Plate Japanese Breakfast @ Tsumugi

Seriously good. Only 110 portions served daily between 8-10:30AM. Must-try in Tokyo.