Chinese WOTD – 上当


上当 → Shàng Dàng → Scammed (fooled)

I was actually saving this word in the case that I was swindled while I was here, but thankfully this did not happen so far. That being said, I may have jinxed myself by posting this now.

Being scammed/fooled is probably one of the more negative, yet common outsider woes when heading into China. Massive overpricing is rampant from street hawkers to higher-end wholesale market. Despite the notices in certain shops that the prices are the exact value of the product, the sight of calculators and intense shouting confirms otherwise. If you step in to one of these stores (very common around tourist areas and shopping districts) be sure to bring your bargaining A-Game with you. Preferred hawking proportions in the more popular wholesale markets at Silk Street can be as low as 10% the asking price.