Chinese WOTD – 放心


放心 → Fàng Xīn → Relax (rest assured, be at ease)

And just like that, a weekend has passed. Getting back into the groove is a bit harder than usual, especially after 3 months of no formal obligations. Fortunately, the teacher taught us a word that would really come in to handy to myself and the people around me. Studying is great, you gain more knowledge (and especially of a major language, which you can certainly apply), but once in a while you have to take the slow lane and just relax. I for one have been more than a little worried (担心) of my time here, mainly adjusting to the living conditions, plus the people close by who don’t even understand what I’m speaking. That being said, I know I will make it though this, especially with the help of the man upstairs.

So with that said, don’t worry too much. Relax. I wish you all a great week! 🙂