What A Sock Says

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J19z4VTCR9M]

Remember that Ylvis video you can’t get out of your head? Here’s something to help. XD


Been a while since I’ve done one of these, and I’m quite sure those who go here would have seen the changes, so let me put ’em together, as a list of changes and why they’re good:

  • Utilising a custom-made child theme – Customizations carry over easily, for each theme update changes don’t get wiped.
    • FontAwesome – Neat icon font, retina-ready and beautiful.
      • Post Meta sprites use FA – Decrease load time, increase resolution.
      • Categories have descriptive icons – Visually appealing, credit to @Kujikato for idea.
      • Social Icons on header bar uses FA icons – Decrease load time, increase resolution.
    • Header Bar sticks to top of page on Desktop and Tablet displays. – Can always get to other content easily.
      • WP Admin Bar adjustment – Good for me, so the admin bar doesn’t cover up header bar.
    • 404 Page modified. – Not much, just makes it more ‘me’.
    • Image links edited – No whitening glare when hovering on some images.
    • Custom Search Text – Makes it unique, easier for visitors to understand, lays foundation for further changes.
    • Responsive Ad Unit – Ad graphics resize appropriately to different browser sizes, helps me out too.
    • Small Minuscule CSS Stuff – Makes site more consistent in design, and getting rid of unnecessary stuff.
  • Technical Site modifications – Utilises better offered features, and decreases load time.
    • IP Address Shift – Dedicated IP. No traces of other unrelated sites within subdomains, more focus on own content.
    • CloudFlare – Minimize load time, Maximize reading/browsing experience.
  • Photo publishing now handled using Pressgram.

Long list? 😛

Photo credit: Erin’s Adventures in Israel.

Accounts of the _annabock_

Presented by the Hypixel Geographic. Over 5 Annas were harmed in the making of this documentary.

Touch ID and Privacy

A senior US senator believes the fingerprint recognition technology featured in Apple’s new iPhone 5S raises “substantial privacy questions”. Bounties offered to those who crack this.