I bow before you. 😛


Streets Ahead

It’s a long time, eh?

I don’t usually write these kinds of posts, mostly because they deal with me putting my hands on a hot surface of a computer while thinking what to type (and usually coming up with nothing). Thing is, I write this to remind myself in this wonderful summer how (supposedly) ‘bleak’ things will go after this. With school coming up, I have to start boning up towards my studies, especially under the ruthless legislation of the International Baccalaureate. Not only that, I also need to start taking real life stuff more seriously, considering I might not live in the same place in about 2 years.

Most importantly, I still want to balance that with my fun zone, that is. So expect photos, videos, stuff to come up here. My presence on the web won’t be as much, but at least this outlet is still open, baby.