20 Facts About Me

I was nominated by @Kujikato. I’ve let this slip by for way too long, so let’s do this:

  • blog (right here).
  • I love Mexican, Italian and Moroccan cuisine.
  • I rage at my ISP for their ridiculously slow broadband and for their insanely high prices.
  • I work the cruel job of a help desk agent.
  • I collect vintage Hot Wheels.
  • I am a young man.
  • I hate, and am terrible at League of Legends. @Kujikato may have mutual feelings.
  • I have a social outreach problem.
  • I am very vocal in judgements, often lacking tact.
  • I hate Snapchat. Purely political reasons.
  • I fna over domain hacks. :O
  • I am not a Google advocate. I merely like using their productivity suite.
  • I long to have the verified tick on YouTube (Don’t judge me!)
  • I help out on the Hypixel Network.
  • I love instant noodles and cheesecakes.
  • I made an internet riddle game.
  • I play the guitar.
  • I like weird music (think Beatles, Lennon, Elvis, Armstrong, Fitzgerald).
  • I travel places. Pictures right here.
  • I have a closet full of alpaca dolls. Don’t ask.

I’ve told you this in confidence.


Response to the Daily Prompt.

I never felt normal, both socially and intra-personally. I find it hard to make real friends outside of my close community, I have trouble talking to people outside, though apparently I have no trouble communicating freely on the Internet.

However, I feel like ‘not feeling normal’ has been trying to move me outside my comfort zone. No usual ‘in the crowd’ days, just working hard trying to get by. I’d say that not being normal, while it is challenging, makes every day of my life an adventure, and I’m proud of living such life.

Normal’s good!