What Discounts Shouldn’t Mean

While I was browsing…

– Chose the stuff one needs to buy

– Bill Total: US$55

– Page says “Hooray, you got a discount!”

– Smiles

– Presses ‘Checkout’

– Final billing page says “Hooray! You save $2.75 thanks to our 5% visitor discount!”

– Facepalmed.

Really now?


Remember When…

Remember When... (click to enlarge)
Makes you think who the real thieves are, right?

Cartoon by Dylan Horrocks (link goes to his Wikipedia article, since his blog is now closed).

Traffic from Syria Disappears from Internet

At around 18:45 UTC the OpenDNS resolvers saw a significant drop in traffic from Syria. On closer inspection, it seems Syria has largely disappeared from the Internet.