The Color Riddle

Remember all those years ago, when I made an internet riddle game? It’s definitely been a while, huh? I’ve been wanting to make another one, but life (and procrastination) got a little too much in the way. Finally, however, after years of toiling at it bit by bit, I’ve finally finished another one, just for you. 🙂

Play now at, or read on to learn more!

This one has 15 levels, centered around colors, and each more brain-twisting than the last. I’ve also engineered the levels so that smartphone users (as are the web browsers du jour) can readily solve them without needing a computer. Hopefully it gives you a few days (or hours, if you’re really persistent) of fun and challenge!

Next big project? Between work and life, probably not another riddle for some time, but the whole Wordle craze is giving me some ideas..

To the devs in the crowd: I also released the CloudFormation code some time ago that powers this, and most of my other freelance static websites. Migrating and optimizing my other stuff to work under a very lean, snappy AWS setup is part of why this took so long lol.