Chinese WOTD – 最后


最后 → Zuì Hòu → At Last (last, final)

Now at home, I post my final Chinese WOTD, at least for now. Despite the occasional lateness, I have managed to post, on average, 1 post daily for the past 12 weeks. 5 of the 7 days being to post Chinese words that I’ve learnt, along with plenty of insight and reflection. More importantly, however, is the actual time I’ve spent in the country. Learning inside and outside of class. 汉语 is a major part of it, however my stay has very clearly been a learning experience in social encounters, contrasting cultures, and my own behaviour.

It feels good to be back, but it differs than the way I imagined when I first settled. It’s good to be back, but it does feel bad to be leaving behind the group of friends and people I knew for merely 2-3 months, and most of them being 老外 (foreigners), I can’t really have them together even if I came back next year.

Will I come back? Perhaps. There’s quite a few more things to tick of the bucket list if I do come back, though soon enough those would be the least of my worries overall. That being said, I thank you for reading through if you did read this from the beginning, and I must say again that the trip and study has been a spectacular experience for me and I didn’t regret it a single bit.