Chinese WOTD – 毕业


毕业 → Bì Yè → Graduation

My goodness, it came. After three months of whirlwind and study, I’ve finally finished the course. After a quick handout and speeches and funny and awkward performances, it is time to say goodbye to my classmates and teacher. I guess the lack of tears is attributed to a lesser time together, but nevertheless, when you stick even for three months there is always a sense of sentiment  that forms in these sort of moments.

I’ve said this repeatedly to my friends, that I originally thought when I first came here, there will be minimal contact apart from the education, but dare I say it, I’m leaving with many friends and memories together to take away. This stay has been the first time for lots of things, both positive and negative, and it has helped with introspection of how I can be to others, and what I can do to fix the negative parts of it.

I could definitely come back, though very likely with a different set of people and class, hence it’s likely to be a goodbye for most of my friends.