Chinese WOTD – 上网


上网 → Shàng Wǎng → Get Online (surf the web)

Part of what is interesting to discover during my time in China is the internet scene. It is a surprisingly large topic to handle, and one that is extremely interesting to me. Getting online here is generally straight-forward through an ISP of any kind (except the 4G pricing model, which is one of the most expensive I’ve seen with regards to the actually transfer bandwidth). That being said, it’s worth noting that all gateways to the Internet at large are state-run, and for seemingly obvious reasons. The control of information and strict economic regulations are what makes Chinese internet quite unique. Many Western companies have tried to enter the Chinese market for the big market slice and consumer scale, and all of them at some point have to either capitulate to demands and/or trends, or call it quits and exeunt.

With the strict standards and regulations that some companies are a bit disgusted or not used towards, more compliant and friendly Chinese counterparts filled quite a bit of the void, and as such little to no Western tech firms ever made a big slice out of the China pie, like Google to 白度, or Amazon to 京东. As it is I’m still learning and observing the scene, and I still encounter many surprises that I haven’t yet learned. If any of you ever visit the country, check out the Internet, as it is a sight to marvel in itself. More on the online scene in a future CWOTD.