Chinese WOTD – 用功


用功 → Yòng Gōng → Diligent (hard-working)

Whilst I’m not even halfway through, talks of test already started to surface. Guess I can’t really escape that.

Anyways, until now I’ve really approached this time of learning in a more relaxed manner, certainly more relaxed than #IB. That being said, I can easily notice most of the people here do not take it very lightly. Granted, it’s a university, and certain people are actually boning up for their degree, but to see the same attitude existing in my 3-month class alone, I think I might be going about this the wrong way. Certain people I meet (and they are not just a minority) seem to work hard and are truly making an effort to learn the language, through paying attention and plenty of note-taking. While I do those to a lesser extent, perhaps I should do it their way. Should I?