Chinese WOTD – 阿门


阿门 → Āmén → Amen

Today’s word is quite notable and interesting. It is a literal translation of ‘amen’. Today isn’t about being preachy, however, but the context of the word itself is interesting to explore, albeit briefly. The word amen is relatable to Christians, Muslims and Jews, and is a statement of affirmation, an agreement that something is true, definite and valid. That is why when people from these religions pray, they end with ‘amen’ signifying that what they pray for is true and that the will of God will be done.

China is a bit iffy on religion, quite obvious due to its Communist (yet with free markets) government, though its language is still very accepting and would still cater to all kinds of topics, large and small, including the matter of religion. This is something that’s the most valuable with languages, to be able to exist for ages and improve upon changes during that time. I pray that the country itself would eventually do the same. Amen.