Chinese WOTD – 休息


休息 → Xiū Xi → Take a break (Have a rest)

I’d probably love today’s word. Weekend’s approaching for the second time, and it’s a good moment to reflect on the hubbub that China has to offer, particularly now that National Day has approached.

This week has probably brought lots of relief, particularly as I’m finally able to secure a visa extension to live here. A week-long holiday (as the Chinese’ Independence Day is not just one day) isn’t bad either. Lessons are starting to pick up, and social hangouts are appearing more often. The fact that things are finally coming together reminds me that as much as I make a fuss over things, it will eventually settle if you just do the right thing. Once you know that you did the right thing, simply let it sit, and take a break.

With that in mind, I will take mine, and you should probably take yours. Have a great weekend.