Sex Terminator Pill

The crap I get in my spam folder. This one just happens to be funny. 😛

Hi, Peso,
My body aches, my balls are dry but I’m totally happy!
I’ve never been a weakling with women but your pills have a smashing effect! Sex Terminator – that is who I am when I use them!
And I LOVE it.
Planning to order a large bottle of those. Ha-ha!
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20 Facts About Me

I was nominated by @Kujikato. I’ve let this slip by for way too long, so let’s do this:

  • blog (right here).
  • I love Mexican, Italian and Moroccan cuisine.
  • I rage at my ISP for their ridiculously slow broadband and for their insanely high prices.
  • I work the cruel job of a help desk agent.
  • I collect vintage Hot Wheels.
  • I am a young man.
  • I hate, and am terrible at League of Legends. @Kujikato may have mutual feelings.
  • I have a social outreach problem.
  • I am very vocal in judgements, often lacking tact.
  • I hate Snapchat. Purely political reasons.
  • I fna over domain hacks. :O
  • I am not a Google advocate. I merely like using their productivity suite.
  • I long to have the verified tick on YouTube (Don’t judge me!)
  • I help out on the Hypixel Network.
  • I love instant noodles and cheesecakes.
  • I made an internet riddle game.
  • I play the guitar.
  • I like weird music (think Beatles, Lennon, Elvis, Armstrong, Fitzgerald).
  • I travel places. Pictures right here.
  • I have a closet full of alpaca dolls. Don’t ask.

I’ve told you this in confidence.