Arriving at the Truth

Sourced from a TEDTalk of Lesley Hazleton, a biographer describing about the thought process of Prophet Muhammad: “Part of something closer to the truth is faith”. It would not be directly at the truth, but then again ‘truth’ is what we make of as such to us.

In the process of arriving at our faith, Ms. Hazleton explains that doubt is essential. Most of us would have talked continuously amongst ourselves, whether audibly or not, about what we considered right or wrong, true or false. Believe me (get it?), this is important. We continuously doubt what we hear or see, even this.

With that said, there is always a danger of close-minded certainty. Jumping to conclusions either due to ‘dogma’ or taboo raised by peers or provocative press is exactly why doubt is essential factor of arriving at what we deem is true, or right. In fact, doubt this. What do you use as your thought process? What phases do you take to arrive what’s right and/or true?

Just my two cents.